Mika Ignacio

Take Six takes over


Image courtesy of Mika Ignacio

Megan Brinkman, Editor-in-Chief

A crowd of fans, their hands waving and clapping, cheer your name. The lights above you seem like a personal spotlight as you watch your friends walk out beside you.

No, the bobbing and yelling heads are not the Carmel student section and the venue is not the Carmel gym.

But this is Senior Mika Ignacio’s gameday: a performance at the MGM Grand concert hall in Las Vegas to nearly 20,000 people.

A singer, pianist, and aspiring ukulele player, Ignacio spends her free time rehearsing with her band Take Six. The group, comprised of Ignacio and four close friends, began simply as a way to play good music and have a good time. After all, most of the group was friends before they were bandmates.

“All of our parents work at the same company. Some of us have known each other since we were eight years old,” Ignacio said.

However, the band quickly evolved into something more. After traveling to Las Vegas with their parents for a work conference, a conference organizer noticed them singing karaoke and invited them to perform on the main stage.

“We got to sing on an actual concert stage,” Ignacio said. “It was the most exciting but scariest thing in my life. My heart was pounding.”

The group remembers that show as their biggest yet, today playing smaller venues and uploading videos to their shared YouTube channel. Most of their music is covers, occasionally mashing two songs or tailoring their selections to fit the holidays.

“We start with something that is easy to learn. Just a song we really enjoy and can have fun with it,” Ignacio said. “Sometimes we mash two songs together.”

Despite the age gaps and distance between the members of Take Six, Ignacio says that she hopes the band, and the memories shared between them, stays together.