The Best P(art) of Winter

The CCHS Winter Art Exhibit was December 13

Eric Waldschmidt, Reporter

Across all the walls are masterpieces. Amateur art critics of all ages crowd the room, trying to catch a glimpse of the pieces on display. Live jazz plays in the background. Hors d’oeuvres are served. Volunteer artists meander around, trying to help any puzzled guests. Is this an auction? An art social? Or Carmel’s Winter Art Exhibit?

Cover photo contains value self-portraits from art teacher Maria Murczek’s Intro to Art classes.

Art students are not the only ones participating in this social event. People from art enthusiasts to Carmel students showing their support came to see the display on December 13th.

The Winter Art Exhibit is still fairly new–the first event was just last year. Carmel would not have even had an art exhibit if it were not for the current art teachers.

“I was really surprised that [Carmel] didn’t have one [an art exhibit],” art teacher Alejandra Mata said, “because many other art classes have them.”

Fine arts teacher Maria Murczek was also surprised at Carmel’s lack of a major art event.

“I went to one of the largest art schools… so I was used to being involved in exhibition work,” Murczek said, “An exhibit is something for [students] to work towards throughout the year.”

Although students are not required to submit any of their art, it is highly encouraged.

“[It] provides them with as real of an experience as we can,” Murczek said. “That’s important for when they go out into the real world.”

Most students submit one or two pieces, but some students submit all the major artwork they have been working on for the past semester.

Still, the art exhibit continues to improve. Although it was similar to last year, Mata and Murczek tried to introduce the concept of auctioning off or selling some paintings. Some of the earnings will go to the school, but most should go to the artist.

“The artwork is just awesome!” Mata said, when explaining why students should come to the art exhibit. “They can be… inspired by their peers and support them.”

The artwork represents an emotional part of the students, and art helps them express themselves.

“Students should come just to appreciate their fellow classmate’s artwork,” Murczek said. “Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist 1or you don’t work creatively, it’s important to be around creative works to learn more about them and see new things.”