A Year of Trump

It has been a year of controversy, heated politics and a polarizing political climate. What does Carmel think of Trump thus far?

photo art by Annie Bart

photo art by Annie Bart

Dan Tourville, Reporter

One year ago, today, the 2016 presidential election came to a shocking end. America held its breath, awaiting the decision of its people. Donald Trump, against all odds, was elected the 45th President of The United States.

Reactions varied. Some were thrilled, some were devastated; some rejoiced, some lamented. The 2016 election drew the attention of almost every American.

Some people at Carmel hold favorable views of the president.

“I think that the president has done a phenomenal job thus far,” freshmen John Tobin said, “He has greatly helped the economy, immigration, border control, and the military. This is especially impressive as he has faced much opposition.”  

“There has been a lot of things thus far, he has been very controversial, but honestly, I think that he hasn’t done many things wrong, and I feel that he has done a lot of things right,” sophomore Conor Guin said.

Some people hold no view or indifferent views of the president.

“I am indifferent; I felt Clinton and Trump are equally bad,” freshman Brandon Jiang said. “I possess no real opinion on him but I do feel he has only delivered on some small promises.”

Some people hold unfavorable views of the president.

“I feel that he is ignorant on some topics; he doesn’t have a hold on his way of putting things. He has used slurs such as ‘pig’ and ‘retard.’ I’d appreciate him more if he were less ignorant,” freshman Erin J. Hegna-Banlasan said.

“I personally dislike Trump as a president,” junior Ben Bryson said. “I feel his policies are aggressive towards other countries or ambiguously racist in one way or another. Overall, I respect others’ opinions on the matter, but that is my stance.”

“I think that Trump is making some pretty silly mistakes,” freshman Emily Hoffman said, “and I really think overall he could do a better job if he listened to other people and didn’t just act on his own instincts.”