So Many Worlds to See

If you’re always at school…why not pick up a book?


Dan Tourville and Nick Zielonko

It’s a Sunday morning, nothing out of the ordinary. Ten-year-old future head librarian Eric Franklin sits, watching “The Sports Reporters” on television, eagerly awaiting the next day when he would go with his grandfather and brother to the library. Franklin vividly recalls that he would ask the reference librarian to find articles by the reporters who had just appeared on the show the day before.

That is where Franklin says he attained his love of reading. Franklin has an ambition to instill that same love in students. Franklin did not always have his sights set on becoming a librarian. He began college in a different field entirely.

“I was a history major, and I was not planning on teaching, and I was not planning on being at a school,” Franklin said. “I was sitting in class and there was this girl sitting next to me and she had an application for library school out. So I just applied.” Franklin had already taken archive courses and saw a field where he could put them to use.

One of the ways Franklin is trying to appeal to students is by keeping it interesting and relevant to his audience.

“I’ve tried to have books that kids would be interested in, in the library.” Franklin said. “This year I’ve tried to get other students to pick out materials that they’ve liked, and perhaps that will encourage others.” Franklin hopes that seeing other students make the time to read will give them an inclination to do so also.

Franklin, in his quest to get students to read more, has not only enlisted the help of students, but also teachers.

“The door signs, book recommendations, out in front of some teachers rooms,” Franklin said, “Just trying to have a conversation about reading first, and hopefully that will spur teachers and students to place more emphasis on reading.”