Corsairs to college: top 5

Crossroads predicts the top five colleges the class of 2017 will attend.

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Corsairs to college: top 5

Kelli Smith

Kelli Smith

Kelli Smith

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As decision day is just around the corner, some seniors are stressed about deciding where they are going to attend while others are finding their roommate and scheduling their classes at their new University.

Even though decision day is not here yet, we have predicted the top five schools that the class of 2017 will be attending this upcoming fall.


#1 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is a very large school with about 45,000 students attending. The acceptance rate is 66% and is located in both Urbana and Champaign. The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has been the top school that Carmel seniors choose to attend for many years, and this year won’t be much different. So far, about 15 students have committed to attend next fall.


Senior, Shah Salomov, is extremely excited to attend the university’s extremely competitive business school, which is ranked one of the top in the nation, next fall.


Since I want to major in Information Technology, I looked into many different universities that had top business programs,” Senior Salomov said, “I took every factor into account, including tuition, education, and the distance from home, and boom, I decided to choose U of I!”


Being involved is one of the most important parts about of meeting people and thriving in college.


“I am planning on joining an intramural soccer team,” Salomov said.


There are a lot of factors that come into play when deciding and one of the biggest decision makers for families is money.


“The in-state tuition was definitely the biggest factor when choosing U of I,” Salomov said, “U of I is a great school that is affordable!”


The University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Campus


#2 University of Dayton

The University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio is on the smaller end with a little over 11,000 students attending. The acceptance rate is 59%. Dayton has also been a top school for attendance as well in past years, but this year the attendance has skyrocketed. Dayton already has about 10 students enrolled to attend in the fall. Senior, Olivia Atkins, is one of them.


Olivia chose Dayton because to her, it felt like home. “I felt like they made a huge effort to make me feel welcome,” Atkins said. “After I visited the school of education, I received multiple personal emails from professors addressing my concerns and offering a helping hand.”


Atkins hopes to be involved at Dayton by giving tours to prospective students and attending basketball games.


“I have a couple of family friends that have attended Dayton, and they had only great things to say about it,” Atkins said. “I am super excited for next year.”


The University of Dayton Campus in Dayton, Ohio


#3 Marquette University

Marquette University is a private Catholic and Jesuit school located in downtown Milwaukee. It has about 12,000 students in total and is one of the closest schools Carmel students will attend. Its acceptance rate is 67%. Of all 89 applicants this year, about 6 students have already enrolled to attend in the fall. Marquette has always been a top choice for Carmel students because of its Catholic education and distance from home. Senior, Juliana Vinci, will be one of the many students attending in the fall.


Juliana Vinci chose to attend Marquette University next fall because she felt extremely welcomed at the university. She also loves their nursing program because it is direct admission.


I am most excited about being in the city and having the freedom that I will have,” Vinci said. “I’m also excited to start fresh and meet new people.”


One of the biggest reasons she chose Marquette is because she has always been interested in nursing. “When I got accepted into Marquette’s direct admit program it was a no brainer,” Vinci said.


Juliana is excited about being the first golden eagle from her family to attend Marquette this fall.


Marquette’s Campus, located in the hub of Milwaukee


#4 Indiana University

Indiana University, which is known for their beautiful campus, has a whopping number of roughly 46,000 students. This large big ten school is home to many Carmel kids and will continue to be this fall. It is located in Bloomington and the acceptance rate is 76%. There are already about 5 students enrolled in this university for the upcoming fall.


Senior, Rose Poplawski, made the decision to attend Indiana extremely early during her senior year. “I chose IU because they have a great neuroscience program,” Senior Poplawski said. “They also gave me extremely generous scholarships to cover my costs to attend.”


Rose plans on getting very involved within her major when she gets to IU. “I am most excited to get involved in research and a club or two next fall.”


Rose also wants to join some of the unique clubs that IU has to offer. “I am hoping to join the sailing club and the bee keeping club,” Poplawski said.


The biggest deciding factor for Rose was the people. “Bloomington is such a great environment. I wanted to go somewhere that is diverse and where I am accepted for who I am,” Poplawski said. “All in all, Indiana University felt like home, and that’s why I chose to attend.”

Indiana’s beautiful campus is the reason why many people call Indiana home


#5 University of Iowa

The University of Iowa is another large big ten schools that many Carmel students apply to every fall. This year, around 85 students applied to the university and 64 were accepted. The acceptance rate is 85% and their applications are on rolling admission, which means you can apply to the school until May 1st.


The student life is just like Indiana and Illinois. Located in Iowa City, this fellow big ten school has about 30,000 students. Roughly four Carmel students have committed to attend the University of Iowa.


Senior, Megan Bryant tell us that she chose the University of Iowa because it was the most affordable and the closest to home. “I am super excited about leaving home and starting my own life,” Senior Bryant said.


Like many others, Megan wants to be involved in more than just academics. “I’m hoping to rush a sorority and I’m thinking about playing club tennis,” Bryant said.


The University of Iowa’s main quad

While we won’t know until May 1st, Carmel has a history of these five schools being the top schools that students attend in the fall. Keep yourself updated by checking out the Carmel Counseling twitter page to see when people commit or stopping by the CCRC to look at the college map!