Carmel’s standout students

Students honored during Catholic Schools Week

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Carmel’s “Most Valuable Corsairs” from the 2015-16 school year.

During Catholic Schools week, a group of Carmel’s greatest students will be awarded the title of “Most Valuable Corsair.” But these students aren’t necessarily the supermen of the world, but the underdogs.

“They do not need to be honor students,” organizer and math teacher Christine Falkstrom said. “This is an opportunity to recognize a student who may not otherwise be rewarded for his or her hard work or service.”

Teachers nominated students who exemplify Carmel values like enthusiasm, reverence, and leadership. The goal is to acknowledge those who make a positive impact on the school as a whole.

“I would nominate students who go out of their way to make others feel accepted and part of the Carmel community,” English teacher Anne Nieminski said.

Winners will be start to be announced Monday morning during Homeroom announcements and will continue throughout the week until Friday.

“Each MVC will receive a certificate which highlights why they were chosen,” Falkstrom said.

On Student Appreciation Day, all winners will go gather together for donuts a group photo.

Be sure to check back to Crossroads all week for the list of Most Valuable Corsair winners.