No break from routine

Gymnastics team hunkers down for practice over Christmas break


Christmas break is a time for just that. A break.

It’s the time for students to get much needed sleep, rest, and relaxation after the chaos of finals and the holiday season. The Carmel gymnastics team is not getting such a break.

“It is hard to wake up early when everyone else gets to sleep in,” senior captain Colleen Kadowaki said. “We try to make if fun by playing Christmas music in the gym.”

The team will practice all but four days over the 19-day vacation, but members of the team believe the extra practice will only help them in the long-run.

“I believe practicing nearly every day will help us reach our fullest potential for the rest of the season,” senior Alyssa Legarreta said.

The girls are looking to continue their flying start to their season after winning their first two competitions. They are expected to be a top-contender in the state competition once again this year.

“Every year our coaches tell us that no other team practices as much as we do over break and that our hard work will pay off,” Kadowaki said. “I definitely think that every minute in the gym will help us improve.”