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Carmel’s marching band stays strong during rocky season


Courtesy: Jean Marie Geoffrey

The 2016 Carmel Marching Band

Allie Roder, Editor

Through broken drumsticks, gallons of water and sweaty clothes, the Carmel Catholic Marching Band has pulled through the fall season with determination, stamina and hope despite the lack of a permanent band teacher to lead it.

The resignation of former band teacher David Wiebers in September put the pressure on the band’s student leaders who have spent the weeks since dedicating extra time and effort to keep the band in step.

“We continually rely on our strong senior leadership team to set the standard for the work ethic for the rest of the band,” senior wind ensemble member Lindsay Truesdale said.

This group of about ten upperclassmen have been leading the weekly full band practices and making sure that the two different classes that make up the marching band are working well together.

“Leading the class was really difficult because I had the most experience in both jazz combo and drumline,” senior drumline leader Michael Jones said.

At times this presented a challenge because concert band is more of an introductory course with beginner and intermediate students who aren’t quite as accustomed to the way that the two classes join to create one band.

“The lack of structure in band has definitely been a challenge this year,” Assistant Junior Drum Major Carolyn Im said.  “We have a lot of great student leaders that help, but it’s still hard to try to run a band as a group of students.”

Wind Ensemble, made up of experienced upperclassmen, concentrates on more advanced pieces and is responsible for assisting the members of concert band in learning the drill and halftime music. This extra effort has helped marching band maintain their performance schedule at the home football games.

“We learned and taught the concert band an entire new song and drill for our halftime show,” Truesdale said.

The entire marching band meets only once a week to practice. Bright and early on Friday mornings, the group runs the songs, drills and formations. It’s a rigorous schedule, but the band leaders are happy that they’ve finished the season strong.

“The leaders are extremely proud of what the band has been able to accomplish,” senior wind ensemble member Kelli Smith said. “We hope that the students and staff will come out to see our last marching performance as a band for the year.”