In the pink

Carmel cares about curing cancer


Stephanie Storczer

Carmel cares so much about curing cancer that every single one of the 500 pink Carmel Cares t-shirt  sold out by Thursday morning.

The National Business Honor Society organized the campaign that raises funds for the American Cancer Society. This is the third year that NBHS has sold the shirts and the group has donated more than $3,000 to the group since they started creating and selling the shirts.

Business teacher Shelley Lindgren moderates NBHS and said that the American Cancer Society was chosen because of its broad mission.

“Some of the breast cancer charities support areas that the Catholic faith does not,” Lindgren said.

NBHS members competed to sell the most t-shirts with the winner receiving a prize of a gift card.

“The contest was in order to motivate us students to try to sell more T-shirts,” NBHS member and senior Luke Edwards said. “We went around to each homeroom trying to get people to purchase a shirt.”

The shirts were also available in the bookstore for $10 each. Bookstore manager Wanda Pucci said that there was a possibility of an order of more shirts if their vendor could turn it around, but no firm plans had been made. With the original lot selling out, though, the campaign appears to have been a success.

“I think this is an extremely beneficial operation because it increases breast cancer awareness and all the proceeds are going to charity,” Edwards said.

The Student Section picked Pink Out for tonight’s game, which is the last regular season home game of the year.