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Carmel students gather for historic debate


With a record number of eyes expected to watch the first presidential debate for the 2016 election, Carmel is offering students a unique way to put their eyes on this historic debate.

Carmel’s Social Studies classes are hosting a debate watch party in the Black Box Theater tonight from 8:00-9:30 p.m.

“This is the first presidential debate, but it’s also historic because it’s the first time a woman has been nominated for for president,” Smogor said. “The goal is to get kids interested in the political experience.”

The debate is expected to be the most-watched debate in history, in a year when both candidates have been extremely controversial. NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt is the moderator, but every major network is airing the 90 minute debate.

“This is going to give our students a chance to watch the debate with a group of people and share ideas with each other,” Smogor said.

While the watch party is primarily for current U.S. Government and Civics students, all are welcome. There are a limited number of seats for the debate, so it’s recommended that you arrive early.

But don’t expect any giant arguments to erupt among the crowd. This event is focused on civil discourse, which means respecting opinions other than your own.

“Up to this point, the ‘debates’ play out in soundbites from campaign stops,” Social Studies teacher Jack Waddle said. “They have been uncivil attacks lacking depth. Tonight, and at the remaining debates, the candidates will have to demonstrate their control and understanding of the issues facing this country.”

This debate watching party is the first of many election events planned over the next six weeks. The next major event will be a campaign fair in the Black Box on October 6th, and all of the events will culminate on Election Day, November 8, when the school will vote along in with the rest of the nation.

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