Ad Drive Begins

Annual Street Scenes ad drive starts up again.


Patrick Sullivan and Michel Abreu

It’s time to empty your wallet and beg your mom for money. You can’t forget about the long homerooms either. It’s Street Scenes collection time.

Street Scenes official kicked off on the 26th, and every student received a yellow folder with collection papers.

Every student has to bring in $150 just like last year. The overall school goal is to raise $300,000. But math teacher Jerry Rejc, one of the heads of the Street Scenes board, wants everyone to aim higher than that.

“We want students to try to start early, and push other students to start early. Every little bit helps,” Rejc said.

Since Carmel is a private school, it is not funded by the government which makes fundraisers like Street Scenes even more important.

“Right now we’re being pretty frugal with everything,” Rejc said. “We have to be careful how we spend with enrollment. That’s why we are so adamant about the students bringing in their money.”

Carmel’s goal of going over the required amount might be tough to accomplish, as some students choose to barely raise the minimum.

“Unless my mom says otherwise, the $150 is all I’m bringing,” senior Sam Ramont said.

The theme for this year will be Street Scenes in Space, and no one is more excited than drama teacher and director of the student show Mrs. Sebastiano. But no matter how much money is raised, the performance is sure to draw a huge crowd.

“The songs we are doing are very intergalactic, out of this world,” Sebastiano said. “I’m really excited to get to work with all the new performers. We have a lot of newbies this year who are seniors.”