A new corsair in charge

Principal Sue Crook joins the Carmel community


Work like a captain, play like a pirate.

That’s the phrase on a sign that hangs on the wall in the new principal’s office and it perfectly describes Carmel’s new principal, Susan Crook. Whether she is meeting with the three assistant principals or launching t-shirts into a cheering football crowd, Crook always seems to always have this mantra at heart.

In her forty-two years in education, Crook has held many positions in many schools. She says that being around students is the most fulfilling part of her job

“I love to be around teenagers,” Crook said. “I just get a lot of energy from [them], and I think they’re great people.”

Last year, Crook retired from Stevenson High School and spent most of free time serving on various education committees and spending time with her family. She also kept busy by serving on Carmel’s board.

“I had all last year off so I had time to kinda rest and retool and regroup,” Crook said before joking that she misses napping the most.

Even though she has only been captain of the Carmel ship for about six weeks, she said that she was immediately comfortable.

“When I came here, it didn’t feel like I was going to a brand new place,” Crook said. “The only place I ever would have come out of retirement for is this place,”

Crook started to get settled in her new role  over the summer, but she felt like something was missing.

“I love the adults, don’t get me wrong,” Crook said. “I was so excited to have the students come back, and I was grateful to have the opportunity to be able to just, for five minutes, talk to each class.”

But there’s something about Carmel students that sets them apart. She describes her first impression of  the Carmel community as a group that is  thoughtful, kind, considerate, friendly, warm, happy.

Crook said: “It’s a feeling of getting a big hug from the whole community.”