Savvy students

Save some cash this Christmas season with student discounts

Hannah Trychta and Maddy Gibula

Christmas shopping is in full effect and our pockets are empty. How are we, over-scheduled and under-funded high school students, expected to buy Christmas presents for our family and friends when most of us are jobless ourselves?

A great way to make the most of your parent’s generous twenty dollar bill: take advantage of the discounts that some stores give you just because you are a student. The following companies are willing to cut your bill if you show your ID or give them your email address. 15 percent here and 20 percent there might alleviate your holiday shopping nightmare.

So get to it–go buy that Chia Pet for your crazy aunt and maybe grab something nice for yourself too!

Sperry –  10% off your purchase

Ann Taylor – 15% off entire store purchase (unless a sale is stated otherwise)

Banana Republic – 15% off regular priced items

Eddie Bauer – 15% off purchase

Steve Madden – 10% off entire transaction

Topshop – 10% off in stores and online.

Apple – $50 off MacBook and MacBook air. $100 off MacBook Pro (other products student discounts depend on customization)